New Website!!

Hello there! Summary of this post I’m moving to a new blog/website which I will use instead of here. Check it out – If you’d like to sign up for updates, you can put your email in on the homepage. Please do! Extended version So, after two years of using this blog, and really enjoying …


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5 ways to make the most of your ski season!


After 5 months in Tignes, France, I leave tomorrow. Soon I’ll be seeing friends and family again, and preparing for the next adventure. But, overall, I have had a good ski season, and I will no doubt recommend it to others in future. When I do, I’ll be sure to also include the following five ways you can make the most of this great opportunity and have even more fun!

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The Mexican Fisherman and the American Investor

I stumbled across this short story tonight and felt compelled to share it with you. It’s great!
Its importance to me lies in the fact that it is so tempting to believe we need a little more money to begin living our dreams, or that soon there will be a point when we can fully start living for ourselves and enjoying our passions. Often, that’s retirement, a distant future point which, when (if) it comes, is unlikely to actually be any better than right now!

You may have everything you need to start... now.

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Spring is here – 2 weeks remaining!

Spring is here. The signs are all around, but it’s not daffodils, new-born lambs and blossom like I’m accustomed to in England.

Marmots have come out of hibernation from their wintry burrows below the snow, playfully scurrying around together, as rejuvenated and energetic as we’d be after a really long sleep! Different ski runs close each day, rocks beginning to push through and grass patches slowly winning their ‘turf’ war (get it?) over the snow, the sun proving too powerful an ally. Continue reading “Spring is here – 2 weeks remaining!”

Ski seasons pay well!

“Wait what?! A ski season pays well? I heard the complete opposite!”

Okay, let me explain!

On a season, it’s very common to hear people begrudging their wage, and even, as I encountered, questioning whether it was possible to live on their pay; in a job where all your accommodation and food costs are catered for, the simple answer is… yes. Your money is basically disposable income (read: beer money). I’ve even managed to save virtually all my money in preparation for the cycle, much to the astonishment of everyone else!

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When I stand in Sydney

This post is heavily based on the assumption I will reach Sydney; without such a belief, I probably wouldn’t. As William Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right.”

For most people, arriving in Sydney marks the end of a long journey: a chance to finally stretch the legs after being crammed on a tight plane for the past 22 hours, and for the privilege (and a quirk of time zones), you’ll even lose a day in the process!

When I arrive in Sydney however, it will be an entirely different story. It will mark the fulfilment of my dream, and possibly the conclusion of my entire cycling venture. I’ll have been on the road for over a year, heading ever in the direction of this one metropolis. Three entire continents will have passed under my wheels. And I can’t help but wonder: Will I be the same person as I am today? Continue reading “When I stand in Sydney”

My first week snowboarding.

Screenshot (1

The past week in Tignes started strangely, like no other of this season; on my face, on the nursery slope. From the vantage point of my skis, the nursery slope is a ‘flat’, gentle stress-free slope, but clip into a snowboard and it suddenly shifts into an intimidating and challenging, steep-pitched testing ground, striking fear into the hearts of men long before I first pitted myself against it. It was bizarre shying away from the mountains’ more dominating runs, and retreating back to the domain of out of control beginners and sledgers. Continue reading “My first week snowboarding.”

Hanging up my ski boots (for the season)

Since my first run of the season, excitedly letting off a whole year’s pent up ‘ski-frustration’ down a gentle, undulating piste on an unseasonably warm December day, I’ve donned my ski boots and headed up the mountain every day. Well, every day except Christmas Day, where working a 9 course meal for guests brought my skiing plans to an abrupt halt. My 96 days of skiing this season equates to 16 years for the average British family who only manages to get out for one week a year. It’s been awesome, and everyday I’ve got out of bed/finished work just as excited to get out there and ski as the very first time. The closest thing I can describe it to is an addiction; within an hour of taking my skis off for the day, there’s a strong urge to get out there again. But, and it’s with a heavy hand that I write this, taking my ski boots off today marked the final time of the season. Continue reading “Hanging up my ski boots (for the season)”

Everest in a week: the results

I mentioned a week ago that I’d be counting every chairlift I went on over the following 7 days, because, what goes up must come down. I wanted to see my total ski descent to satisfy a little of my curiosity, and also to see if I could descend the same height as Mount Everest, which stands proudly 8,850m above sea level. It took me a year to virtually ‘climb’ Mount Everest – would I be able to descend it in a week on skis, whilst working full time? I had no idea! I’ll just let the statistics do the talking: Continue reading “Everest in a week: the results”