I’m terrified – What scares me the most?

3 thoughts on “I’m terrified – What scares me the most?”

  1. I am sure you will not be forgotten Jo . Not a day passes without thinking of you But if it helps take in the beauty of your surroundings where ever you are .Remember the man who looked in the puddle and saw only dirty water, His companion saw the beauty of the reflection of the stars and sky.

  2. I can assure you that you will not be forgotten, you have cyberspace on your side. It may not be everywhere you go, but it will pop up when you need it most. In my day it was lonely and my family were missed greatly, friends moved on and time passed. Today it is different, I haven’t seen you since you were dropped off at school to meet your gorgeous sister, surprising her and making us all cry, I can see it now and it still brings a tear to my eye. We all follow you wherever you go and live through your adventures through your blogs. You are an inspiration! PS: JT took the time to read your newspaper article and was blown away. You inspired him to read which is an amazing achievement in itself.
    With you all the way to Australia x

    1. What a nice comment to read Emma! Thank You – Your support is always much appreciated! Glad to hear feedback about the blog too – Getting JT reading may be my measure of success! Jo x

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