Week 1 – Ou est la neige?

3 thoughts on “Week 1 – Ou est la neige?”

  1. Hiiii sorry to bother you again! But as my trip is approaching, I would like to ask how much would lunch cost approximately up on the slopes in Tignes? I’m thinking of how much euros should I get for a 7 day trip! 😀 thanks in advance!! X

    1. Hey! No worries – I’m more than happy to help and hear from you! i’d guess on the slopes it would be about 10 to 15 euros, because the slopes is quite expensive – there is a few great pizza places!

      if you came down the mountain or bought your dinner before, it could be quite a bit cheaper!

      5 days right? You must be getting super psyched.

      p.s. Good news on the snow front – we’ve had snow all weekend and I’m staring out at white slopes and a frozen lake! It’ll be in full swing for when you arrive! x

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