This is… Digital Insanity!

2 thoughts on “This is… Digital Insanity!”

  1. I don’t know how I feel about messages like this. I totally agree with the point you made: that it’s not social media that’s bad but rather how we use it. Personally, I’ve found that my cell phone, Facebook and Skype are extremely helpful in keeping me connected with my friends. For my long distance friends (which is most of my friends, because of camp and because I’ve left home), Skype is the only way I can see them face to face. I’m beyond thankful for the internet. If it weren’t for the internet, I’d have write to my international friends and then guess what? There’d be a video floating around about how people need to stop spending so much time writing letters. And then there’s calling friends on my cell phone. But apparently cell phones are distracting too?

    1. Oh yes! I completely agree and think this technology is great! I have made friends all over the world through my travels, and working at camp and the horse ranch, and the ability to keep in touch is invaluable.
      What I don’t think is so great is much of the way we often use this technology. How often have you been on a room with friends, or at a meal with everyone worlds away on their phones?
      There’s an important difference 🙂

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